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Can a Debt Collector Sue Me?

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Stop Debt Collectors from Harassing You First and foremost! I would never talk to a debt collector over the phone. Your “Rights” are never served over the phone. I used to tell them, “Send it in writing!” and then I would hang up.  If you allow them to talk to you, many of the third

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What if a Debt Collector Calls Me?

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What if I get a call or a letter from the collection agency? First, never speak with a debt collector over the phone.  Your rights are never served on a phone call.  You want the collection agency to validate and prove that it really is your alleged debt. You’ll want to send them a debt validation letter

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Statute of Limitations for Debt Collection

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Each State has a time limit associated with each type of debt. In other words a collector can only legally go after an alleged debt for a specified amount of time. Many third party debt collectors will try to collect on old outdated or time barred debt. The chart below lists the time limits. Open

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