How To Win In Court

How to Win In Court – With or Without a Lawyer

how to win in court Need a lawyer but don’t have the money? Don’t worry, in our course you’ll get the ammo you need to win in court with or without a lawyer. You’ll learn how to win in court to protect yourself from the other side’s attorney, make the judge happy and win with the best paperwork. Winning is Easy with these simple strategies, case winning procedures and effective evidence tactics. And if you do have a lawyer, you will make him fight and make sure he/she does a good job.

In this course you’ll have everything you need. Learn how to win in any type of trial. This course will also help you stay out of jail. You’ll also learn how to win in family court and child custody tactics, real estate trouble, contract law, and more.

You’ll learn how to win in a single weekend. Or, you can take your time with 24/7 online access.  Check out the testimonials. click here for jurisdictionary

Protect Yourself from Lawyers… Especially Your Own!

Do you know what it takes to win? If not, you may choose to hire a lawyer to go to court for you. But do you know what your lawyer should be doing to win? Are you willing to pay a lawyer, but not know what should be done to win?  Probably not.

If you decide to hire a lawyer, you will save thousands of dollars in lawyer fees by doing some work yourself and cut down on the lawyer’s billable hours! People who hire a lawyer without knowing “what must be done to win” often end up bankrupt … then lose anyway!

Many lawyers take all the money they can dig out of their clients’ pockets, and when their clients can no longer pay, they bail out before going to trial, leaving their clients holding the proverbial bag! Too many innocent people lose this way and never know why!

There’s a reason why lawyer jokes proliferate! Think about it BEFORE you hire one! Protect yourself! Know what needs to be done to win! If you must hire a lawyer:

  • Know what the lawyer should be doing.
  • Don’t pay for incompetence.
  • Don’t put up with laziness.
  • Don’t let your lawyer cheat you!
  • Demand effective legal service!

If you can’t afford a lawyer:

  • Learn what it takes to win!
  • Force the court to protect your rights.
  • Draft proper pleadings.
  • Get your evidence into the record.
  • Make effective courtroom objections.
  • Move the court to enter orders favorable to you!
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Case-Winning Paperwork … Part 1

Want to drive your opponents nuts? Tie them down with word-power! Stuff your opponents in a word-box!  Many pro se people don’t understand this … so they lose … needlessly. Many lawyers don’t understand … so they also lose and take their client’s money anyway!  Sentences with ONE VERB. Sentences with ONE SUBJECT. One subject. One verb.  Keep adjectives and adverbs to a bare minimum.

If it’s important to say your opponent’s nose was gigantic, say so. Otherwise, leave it out!  Each sentence is a complete thought. Mrs. Edgerton taught that in First Grade, and it wins in court today. No run-on sentences! Know how to write proper case-winning paperwork.

Running Out of Time! Do YOU need to Win in Court? You cannot win if you don’t know how! You cannot win if you don’t obey the Rules. You cannot obey the Rules if you don’t understand themAnyone can learn in just 24 hours.  Get your copy here: JurisDictionary®.

JurisDictionary® is based on the 35 years of case-winning experience of a licensed attorney who wants everyone to know you don’t need a lawyer to win in court!  This course shows you how to use the rules of court professionally so you get the justice you deserve. Don’t risk “winging it” with amateur advice. Instead of hoping for a miracle, make your message heard in court, and get justice!

win without a lawyerIf you pay a lawyer (instead of spending $249 for the course) you won’t know what your lawyer should do. Many people run out of money before discovering too late their lawyer failed to do what needed to be done! We get calls nearly every day crying, “I paid my lawyer thousands of dollars. My lawyer did nothing!”

Do you know how to get justice without a lawyer?  Everyone has a right to know how!

How to Win in Court with Case-Winning Paperwork

What is the goal of legal writing?  Impress the judge? Or win your case? Every word, spoken or written, must aim toward the same specific goal: WINNING! Any words NOT aimed at the goal must GO!

Most of what we’ve seen from pro se people read more like a long-winded story. Legal writing is NOT “story-telling”! EVERY word must has a specific purpose. Any word that does not advance your case toward the goal of winning will work against you! Say what needs to be said then STOP! Aim EVERY word like a bullet at your goal.

You don’t need a “novelist’s eye” or a “bartender’s ear”, like Jimmy Buffett. You need to say what NEEDS to be said and say nothing more! Legal writing ia like assembling a powerful engine to propel you toward your goal … WINNING! Unnecessary parts get in the way! Get rid of them! Write smart.

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Keep Judges Honest – If “The Law” Breaks the Law

keep judges honest

Keep Judges Honest

Control those who Control YOU!  The Wild Wild West was won by a few folks clever enough to establish “Law & Order” west of the Mississippi with:

  • A thoroughly-read Bible,
  • A Colt revolver and Winchester rifle,
  • A good horse and well-provisioned wagon, and
  • A sturdy copy of Blackstone’s Commentaries on the Laws of England

England, did you say? …Yep!  That’s where our “common law” comes from.

In that single book, Blackstone’s Commentaries on the Laws of England, (you can get a Kindle or Nook version for free) written before our Declaration of Independence, early settlers found enough common-sense law to jail bandits, hang rustlers, and open the way for railroads and booming towns and cities … impossible without law and order.

Contrary to what you see on TV, it wasn’t faster guns or bigger fists that settled lawless towns like Tombstone and Dodge City. It was the support of local townsfolk who wanted law and order. People who believed in the principles of Justice found in those two books: the Bible and Blackstone. People with courage to put an end to lawlessness.  Yet today we face a new threat … lawlessness!

It may be a bank using fraud to foreclose.  It may be a corrupt business partner, ex-spouse, or next-door neighbor out-of-control.  For many it’s the threat of government officials refusing to follow the law – tax collectors, police officers, and judges who ignore the law to allow fraud to reign free in their courts as lawyers rape people who do not have JurisDictionary®.

When “the law” becomes outlaw, there’s only one remedy.

People who know how to use the Rules as explained in this course put a STOP to it!

Solve your legal problems today the same way western settlers brought lawlessness to its knees in the Wild West more than a century ago:

Learn the Rules of Court and how to use them to win!  Justice is Yours for the Taking … once you know how! Protect yourself from lawless legal officials, scheming bankers, incompetent doctors, rival siblings, and anyone else who seeks to do you harm. That’s how the West was won!

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How to Win in Court by Stopping Crooked Lawyers

win without a lawyerTrusting Lawyers Loses.  YOU DARE NOT TRUST LAWYERS! If you’re like most smart people, you don’t.  Dr. Graves doesn’t either; and he’s been one since 1986! Guard against the shady ethics of your opponent’s lawyer. But ALSO keep a close watch on your own lawyer! Every lawyer joke should be a warning!

Question: What’s 5,000 lawyers at the bottom of the ocean?
 A good start!

There are more jokes about lawyers than all the other professions put together. Protect yourself! Your opponent’s lawyer WILL play dirty tricks. Count on it. Plan for it. PROTECT YOURSELF!

Types of Lawsuit Complaints

Win without a lawyer

Click image to download full-size chart to learn the 6 types of lawsuit complaints.  Every lawsuit starts with a complaint. Lawsuits are “ridiculously easy-to-understand”.

  1. Plaintiff in the chart sues Defendant A and Defendant B.
  2. Defendant B counter-claims against Plaintiff.
  3. Defendant A cross-claims against Defendant B.
  4. Defendant B counter-cross-claims against Defendant A.
  5. Defendant A files a third-party complaint against Third Party Defendant.
  6. Third-Party Defendant counter-claims against Defendant A.

That’s all there is to it! 

win without a lawyer

24 Hour Money Back Guarantee

Learn this in a single weekend. Take your time with 24/7 access to these case winning strategies. This course was created by an attorney with 36+ years of winning cases! You won’t be guessing with everything you need in this course including forty eight case winning classes, five hours of video seminars and two and a half hours of downloadable audio clips.

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How to win in court without a lawyer