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Since 2002 we have studied the nefarious collection industry.  These companies prey on consumers with lies and deceit.  Once their dirty secrets are known, it is so very simple stop them… Cold!   Its truly amazing.

The governing federal law for the 3rd party debt collection industry is the Fair Debt Collections Practicing Act.  We are FDCPA trained and have 99.9 percent success in stopping their abuse.  With our help, you’ll never hear from them again!

What is a 3rd Party Debt Collector?

An original creditor is a bank, your credit card company, loan company, etc.  Many times the banks will just write off an alleged debt and sell it off to debt collection companies (they are the 3rd party).  The 3rd party debt collectors will then contact the alleged debtor and try to make payment arrangements.  Many times they will make false statements by telling the consumer that they will send the sheriff to take their belongings, garnish bank accounts or we will ruin your credit rating if you don’t pay immediately.  Actually some law firms are debt collectors, but that makes no difference. None of them can validate an alleged debt.  Basically they all lie to get a consumer to send them some money.  Once anyone sends them any money, even if its just a few dollars,  that locks in the alleged debt.

We would never, ever speak with a debt collection agency over the phone.  Rights are never served over the phone.

If You Don’t Do Anything to Stop Them

They can file a lawsuit and they can get a judgment against a consumer if nothing is done to stop them.  If a consumer

owns a home, once there is a judgment in court, that consumer could sell their home, but payment for that judgment would come off the top of the sale amount. In many states there is a time limit for judgments and they can be renewed.

It is so simple to “nip it in the bud”.  The first time we would hear from a debt collection company, we would send one letter and we would never hear from them again.  We have done this over and over again for years.

The Good News

The tables can be turned on these corrupt and shameful companies.  The TCPA, Telephone Consumer Protection Act can turn every call into a potential $500.00 for or a consumer. Many times they will just write a check for the consumer to go away instead of having to deal with your complaint of unlawful business practices according to the FDCPA.

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