Know the Law or Lose!

The Law of the Case

Every case is won or lost on only two (2) things!

  • Admissible Evidence and
  • The Law of the Case

You don’t need to know “every law” ever written! And you don’t need a lawyer!

You just need to know “the law of the case” in your case … and how to get your evidence admitted.

Imagine someone piling things on one end of a see-saw. Imagine he is “building his case” with facts and law. He may not have a great number of things piled on his side, but if he has even a little bit more than his opponent has on the other side, he has all he needs to win in court!

  • Admissible Evidence and
  • The Law of the Case

You don’t need to know everything lawyers know!

You only need to know:

  1. The law of your case and
  2. Proper procedure to force the court to admit your evidence.

It sounds simple because IT IS SIMPLE!

You will learn how to find the law of your case in just a few hours
using accurate online legal research.

Know proper procedure. Use the official rules

Win without a lawyer!

JurisDictionary® shows how.
You won’t need a lawyer!

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How to win in court without a lawyer