5 Tips For Writing Dispute Letters

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5 Tips For Writing Dispute Letters

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Only challenge five or less trade lines each month with each of the credit reporting agencies. Challenge everything that you believe to be untimely, incorrect and/or incomplete. The most successful credit repair agencies will only challenge two to three lines of credit every month. If you add more than five items on a letter, the credit reporting agencies can mark your letters as frivolous and refuse to do further investigations. Once they label your letters frivolous, it will be very hard to get them to move on what you want.

Below are a few pointers to successfully repair your own credit:

• Single out the easiest items first. If its wrong, it must be deleted.

• According to the Fair Credit Reporting Act they must acknowledge your request and investigate. Many times they will send you a stall letter, but just keep going. They just want you to stop and go away.

• Don’t stop attacking incorrect entries. Send your letters many times until the tradelines are removed. Just like a dog with a bone, stay with it…

• Make sure you follow up about every forty days. Mark your calendars to stay on top of things.

• If there is a debt collector that is reporting about you, send them a strongly worded dispute letter to demand validation. A third party debt collector cannot validate an alleged debt no matter what they send you. If they cannot validate, they must remove. Contact us for letters and help with this.

The CRO’s (credit reporting agencies) have 30 to 40 days to get back with you by mail. If they tell you that the item has been verified, you have the right to demand how that verification was obtained. They should also send you a new revised credit report free of charge if changes were made.

Best of luck; hope this helps.

Smiles, Joan

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